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Graveyards are very important places, both as a respectful resting place for our loved ones and as part of our valuable heritage. Many older headstones even with the best of efforts erode over time and become illegible. Most headstones record genealogical information such as birth and death dates, and often family relationships. Apart from the text headstones are often decorated with symbolic carvings. These include angels, cherubs and foliage; an analysis of these symbols can yield much additional information for the researcher.

With the support and guidance of The Heritage Council and both the Meath and Kildare Heritage Officers, a survey has been carried out on graveyards in the Enfield Common Bond Area. The area comprises the parishes of Balyna, part of Carbury and part of Newtown in county Kildare and the parishes of Enfield/Rathmolyon, Longwood/Killyon, Coole/Summerhill and Clonard in county Meath. The survey involved photographing, mapping and transcribing the monuments as well as collecting any local knowledge relating to the graveyard and those buried in them. The project is sponsored by Enfield Credit Union.

The graveyards included in this website include: Agher, Ardenew, Ardkill, Ballinadrimna, Broadford, Broadford Church, Cadamstown, Castlerickard, Clonard CoI, Clonard RC, Cloncurry, Clondalee, Croboy, Dunfierth, Gallow, Jordanstown, Jordanstown Church, Kilglass, Kill, Kilrainey, Kilshanroe New, Kilshanroe Old, Ladywell, Mylerstown, Newtown, Nurney, Rathcore, Rathmolyon, Templadooath,The Moy, TíCroghan, with Drumlargan to follow.

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